10 Exciting Casino Jobs Worth taking a note of

10 Exciting Casino Jobs Worth taking a note of

Casinos are industries with all sorts of amenities, from the casino lounge to hotel and food, the casinos have it all in one place. This vivid industry with so many fields being operated at once generates several opportunities for people to get engaged in. The industry, hence, offers various casino jobs that ensure adequate payment and a splendid work environment. Casino jobs are lucrative and exciting at the same time.

Here is the list of 10 exciting casino jobs that can be a good option for the seekers.

10 Exciting Casino Jobs Worth taking a note of

1. Dealers

Obviously, a casino is nothing without the person who conducts these astounding casino games. The eventual increase in the number of games offered by the casinos gave rise to high demand for more number of dealers. Many casinos offer exclusive games developed by the topnotch casino studios worldwide. The best live casinos strive hard to appoint as many live dealers as possible for live casino games. This in return generates a forever rising demand for more dealers.

The best part of applying for the job of a dealer is that it generally requires no prior experience. Conventional etiquettes and management skills are the only prerequisites that are looked upon.

2. Pit boss

The job of a pit boss is anything but easy. The pit boss acts as a second manager to the casino. He is the in-charge of monitoring all the casino games and ensuring hassle-free conduction of the games. He is the one responsible for cycling decks of cards, answering the call, managing customer problems and maintaining a favourable atmosphere within the casino premise.

With the enlargement of casinos and range of casino games, a demand for more pit bosses for their own specific area rose. Casinos look for people who are good at managing and have impressive communication skills for this post of a pit boss. A pit boss is definitely one of the jobs any job seeker can look up to.

3. Gaming manager

A gaming manager, as the name suggests, is the manager of games. However, there is a lot more to it. A gaming manager is responsible for making sure that all the rules set for the casino are being followed with full implication among the players, dealers and all the employees. The skills required for the job are honesty, trustworthiness and observant eyes. Anyone with a high school diploma or GED along with the set skills is eligible to apply for the post. However, it is unlikely to be anyone’s first job at the casino but is a post one can climb up to instead.

4. Waitstaff

A waiter/waitress or a bartender is also known as the waitstaff of a casino. The prerequisites for becoming a waitstaff professionality are great communication skills and management skills. A waitstaff deals with customers of diverse behaviour and requirements. Here is where the management skills and knowledge of customer handling come handy.

5. Cage cashier

When it comes to casino jobs one can start with, a cage cashier. The job requires accurate calculation skills which means one needs to be good in mathematics for the post. The work of a cage cashier is to calculate and maintain the money in and out of the casino. So, any casino will priorly want the cage cashier to be trustworthy and honest. Although the job requires no formal education, being able to use a computer or a calculator is a must.

6. Gaming surveillance officer

The GSO is the main security officer at a casino. He is responsible for the security of the casino in whole, including its employees and property. Usually, there are no prerequisites for a GSO but some casinos may require a certification from the casino security before appointing someone for this post. The job requires no previous work experience.

7. Slot technician

The job of a slot technician is to maintain, inspect and repair the slot machines and ensure smooth functioning of the vulnerable machines. The eligibility criteria for this job is a certified knowledge in electronics. The job is one of the opening gates for anyone who wants to rise to higher positions in the casino world.

8. Executive chef

Casinos nowadays offer some of the most delicious food to the customers. This responsible job is given to the executive chef. He makes and assists the kitchen of the casino. The only requirement for this job is a culinary school and a minimum of 4 years of experience as a chef.

9. Front desk receptionist

Casinos these days are much like resorts offering surplus amenities. This opens the gate for a receptionist who has to greet the customers and take care of anything they need. Since the receptionist is one of the first persons to meet the casinos he/she needs to have an appealing personality, good communication skills and nothing beyond that.

10. Valet dispatcher

A valet dispatcher is the first and the last person any customer meets while the casino interaction. The personnel is required to be polite and helpful in nature. No prior experience is required for the job but a good communications skills and smart personality is a must.


Name : 10 Exciting Casino Jobs Worth taking a note of
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 19/08/2019