Casino Bonus Guide: How to Compare Casino Bonuses

Casino Bonus Guide: How to Compare Casino Bonuses

Almost all live casinos offer bonuses to their players. They give out bonuses to attract new players and keep the existing ones loyal.

The sheer number of bonuses available to a player is confounding enough, each of these bonuses has terms and conditions attached to them as well. So how do you sift through the baffling amount of information and make sense of it enough to make a correct decision?

This guide will help you do just that. But first, let’s understand the different types of bonuses you will come across.

Casino Bonus Guide: How to Compare Casino Bonuses

Types of bonuses

  • No-deposit bonus

If you find this type of bonus, then you can understand that the casino is basically giving you money. You just have to sign up on their website.

  • Deposit bonus

In simple terms, the casino offers you a percentage of your deposit. You need to add an amount of money to your account and the casino will pay you according to it.

  • Free Spins

These types of bonuses let you have some free goes on the slot machines. You can play the number of free lines given to you for nothing.

  • Cashback bonus

You can use this to cut your losses if you lose your bankroll. The reimbursement is expressed in terms of a percentage which is decided by the casino.

Now that you understand the different types of bonuses, here’s how you compare them and choose the best one for you.

1. Bonus percentage

Live casinos offer bonuses in terms of a percentage of the deposit. You can find huge percentages on many websites, but it is important to know that the bigger the bonus, the more the wagering requirements. These requirements will give you a smaller chance to cash out and increase the chances of you going broke.

So aim for a bonus percentage between 100-200% since they are well balanced — the percentage is fairly high but doesn’t invite a high wagering requirement.

2. Maximum bonus amount

When you read the terms and conditions of live casino bonuses, you’ll come across phrases like “200% bonus up to €50”. What this means is your bonus will be doubled, but only up to an amount of €50. Do not be misled by the bonus percentage. Always look out for the maximum bonus limit to make sure you know exactly what you’re going to get.

TIP: You can contact the live support of the casino website and ask them if it’s possible to receive a better bonus. They just might offer you a fruitful suggestion for a better deal.

3. Max bet size

Live casinos may try to pull a sneaky one on you by hiding a max bet size inside the terms and conditions. Websites set a limitation on the amount you can put on a spin or a bet to reduce their losses. If you overlook these limitations and bet big with your bonus money, the casinos will not allow you to withdraw the money you’ve won.

So the next time you are comparing bonuses, always check for the max bet size and follow it too, because winning big but not being able to acquire those wins can be frustrating.

4. Wagering requirements

Casinos set minimum wagering requirements before you can cash out your bonus. For example, if you get €50 in bonus and the wagering requirement is 20 times, then you need to spin for €1000 before you can cash out the bonus. This may sound impossible, but with a little patience and expertise, you can easily pull it off.

You should also beware of the contribution of different games towards the said wagering requirements. Games which usually have a low house edge contribute less or none towards meeting the wagering requirements.

In conclusion, before you select a bonus that seems unbelievably good, look for the bonus percentage offered, the maximum bonus amount that can be acquired, the max bet you are allowed to make, and the wagering requirements you must meet.


Name : Casino Bonus Guide: How to Compare Casino Bonuses
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 08/07/2019