Casino Streaming: Its Process and Techniques

Casino Streaming: Its Process and Techniques

Casino streaming has been around for a long time, but it got most of its viewers and streamers only recently. Technological development has made it easier to reach mass audiences and the success of other streamers is an inspiration for others.

Casino Streaming: Its Process and Techniques
This casino guide will explain the process and techniques of live casino streaming.

Required PC and internet specifications

You need a computer with a multicore processor and a minimum of 8 GB of RAM to handle streaming on a platform such as Twitch. You can use a wired connection between your router and PC to avoid glitches and dropouts while streaming. With upload and download speeds of 5 Mbps each, you can stream at a minimum resolution of 720p. Use a standard webcam (e.g. a Logitech C270) and a headset or a medium-quality USB microphone (e.g. Blue Yeti).

You will need a Twitch or YouTube account, a casino account (to stream live games of the best live casinos), Open Broadcast Software (to handle the technical streaming of audio and video signals) and a Streamlabs account (to display and update data feeds of live casino streaming). Besides these, you will also need an on-screen chat facility set up via the NightDev/ KapChat hosted service.

The best sites for live casino streaming

You must choose a live casino streaming platform strategically. The genuine platform options for streaming casino games that offer live casino bonuses are Twitch, Periscope, Younow, YouTube and Instagram.

You must be patient as building a brand takes time and also think about the target audience. Twitch is a good portal to use simply because it’s known to be focused on gamers and streamers. The other platforms mentioned all attract audiences with very different demographics. This increases the work for anyone setting out and looking to establish themselves. 

The popular casino streamers on Twitch are Gambler_master, casinolucker, Mrslothuner, Higamblers and many more. On a monthly basis, they get thousands of views just by playing slot games. You can approach them to collaborate with you after you start getting subscribers.

This is great for getting recognised on the platform, as at least some portion of their viewership will start watching you.

How to earn money from casino streaming

There are three major ways of getting paid while live casino streaming:

  • Through donations
  • By getting more subscribers
  • Through casino affiliation

The standard subscription on Twitch is $4.99, but there are other options available with different pricelive casino bonuses ranges. Do giveaways when you can afford and create sub emojis which can be only used by your subscribers. You will haBonus tips on casino streamingve to apply for a partnership with Twitch in order to get the subscription button. There is no specific requirement, but get at least ten thousand followers before applying.

You can set up a donation panel which your fans can use to send you money. New streamers usually rely on donations and you can do it too.

Bonus tips on casino streaming

Poker was and still is the major gambling attraction on the live casino streaming platforms, but slots are definitely on the rise. You can pick up on the execution of tactics and strategies by watching card games like Blackjack.

Serious streamers need to adopt a disciplined approach to building up a good following. You should:

  • Include chat to reveal your personality
  • Set up a streaming schedule
  • Always treat your viewers with respect
  • Offer a broad variety of slots
  • Include regular prize-winning charity raffles
  • Be thankful to all new followers and those who make donations.
  • By following this approach your odds of becoming a successful casino streamer increases heavily
  • Be natural or get in a character you came up with if you think that will work.


Name : Casino Streaming: Its Process and Techniques
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 29/08/2019