How Does Live Casino Chat Work?

How Does Live Casino Chat Work?

One of the fascinating features offered by the live casinos operating around the world is that it offers the players with an exclusive live chat feature where the players can instantly interact with the live dealers and their fellow players as well. This live chat feature provides the players with social experience and it is integral to the live games offered by the live casinos.

How Does Live Casino Chat Work?
However, it is important to note that the live chat feature comes with a few rules and responsibilities to adhere to by the players in order to have a peaceful live gaming experience. So, we, at Casino Live Offers, provide you with a comprehensive list of all the best live casinos offering fantastic gameplay features and design.

Functions of the Live Casino Chat Feature

The live casino chat feature works in the following ways:

  • The live chat feature option is given to the players on the gaming screen thus enabling them to chat with the dealers and other players via the playing interface.
  • There is a separate dialogue box wherein the players can type in their messages and queries or even complaints which is then addressed by the live dealers.
  • The live dealer then sees the message of the players on the chat screen and offers immediate solutions to it in real-time.
  • The username of each player is displayed and a particular colour is given to each of the chat boxes thus making it easier for the dealers to address and track every player associated in the gameplay.
  • The dealer verbally replies to the players via the microphone which is relayed back to the players through the gaming interface.
  • The other players do not get to see the messages and queries of each player in the game, but they can listen to the responses given by the dealers. Do note that there are a few exceptions to this, particularly, when the players opt to play on a dedicated table.

The Dos and Don’ts of Live Casino Chat Feature


  • Initiate the conversation with the dealer even when you don’t have a query or doubt. This does reflect how humble your personality is.
  • Behave cordially just like you behave when you play in a land-based casino.
  • Don’t blame the live dealers for the cards dealt or for the spinning of the roulette ball. Do remember that the live dealers are professionally trained in shuffling and spinning the cards and the roulette ball.
  • Avoid giving your personal details such as your real name, address, email id and mobile number as the other players may also see this information.
  • Don’t talk about religion, caste, sex, politics or anything that is contentious. The dealer will notify you if you tend to do anything that is inappropriate.
  • Respect the dealer is all respects as passing nasty comments and disobeying them will result in a chat ban. Be patient and follow the rules and regulations diligently.
  • Always use the mixed mode playing interface as it preferred for a chat and you can also see your history of what has been communicated in the past.


  • Don’t be rude to the dealer just because you have a bad or an unlucky day.
  • Remember that the live chat feature is not a dating app. So, keep your limits while you converse with your dealer.
  • Don’t be serious. Share a joke with the dealers while you engage in play. This helps in creating a friendly and exciting gaming platform.
  • Brighten up the day of the dealer by starting the conversation. It definitely encourages them.
  • Don’t ask any personal question to the live dealers.


Name : How Does Live Casino Chat Work?
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 07/03/2019