Know the most popular dress codes of Casino Croupiers

Casino fashion has changed dramatically over the years. Where once you’d see women wearing glamorous cocktail dresses and men dressed in their best suits, ties, and expensive shoes, these days, things are a bit more relaxed.

But while the dress of the casino-goer may have changed, the fashion of the croupiers — otherwise known as the casino dealers — has not. Regardless of the casino, or even its location in the world, croupiers are expected to uphold their high standards when it comes to what they wear. And while many players now play casino games on websites, with no need to be concerned with their appearance, croupiers online in live games are dressed just as formally as they would be at their land-based counterparts.

Like how there is a shift from brick-and-mortar casinos to best live casinos, the fashion trend of croupiers has also evolved. How have they changed? Let us have a look.


Who is a croupier?

Croupiers play an essential role in running the casino business. They consist of both male and female croupiers who deal the cards during live games such as Live Blackjack, Poker, Baccarat, and Live Roulette. They also assist visitors with slot machines and Roulette wheels.

The croupiers are usually seen in a specific set of dress-codes to appeal to the visitors and players while they do their daily tasks. They are highly trained professionals who are competent at their job and know every game and its rules. The responsibility of croupiers is to make sure that the visitors and the players are having a great time at the casino and are given the best quality customer service to them.

Why they are dressed so smart

The reason croupiers are dressed so smart — even in casinos that aren’t very formal — have everything to do with their job role. Not only do they need to look their best, but they need to be comfortable enough to carry out the required tasks — which often occur over extremely long hours. Like other forms of hospitality, including bartenders, baristas and hotel staff, a croupier’s primary role is to make sure that all the patrons are having a good time, which includes great customer service from their dealer.

Another reason why croupiers continue to dress so smart, despite the loosening of casino dress codes, is that they represent the casino as a business and are part of the overall experience.

When an individual imagines the vibe of a casino, it almost always includes their dealer. By dressing in a formal, traditional style, croupiers are adding to the specific ambience, mood, and culture that you can only find at casinos.

Then, there’s the professional element. As they’re spending their own money, players need to be able to trust their casino dealers. A more relaxed look from a croupier may feel, for the patrons, less professional than if they were dressed in their formal wear. When you hand over your chips you want to make sure you’re getting a fair game to win live casino bonuses.

Old fashioned croupier

The fashion or the uniform of the casino dealers haven’t changed much over the years. Just as how we used to see the male and female croupiers in suits, they still pretty much wear the same thing. Whether you visit the land-based casino or play live casino games, the dealers are always at their best, wearing their classic black dresses and suits.

Even at the mobile live casino games, croupiers are seen wearing the same uniform as the land-based casinos to give a realistic touch and appeal to the players. Though the gamblers aren’t strictly made to follow the old dress-codes now, the croupiers are still prompted to wear the traditional attire to keep up with the original casino art. Even if it’s at a live-streaming game, you will find the croupiers in dapper smart uniforms to give a real-life casino experience to the players.

New-gen croupier

While there hasn’t been much shift in the fashion trend of the casino croupiers, you will still see the conventional style in their dress-codes during live games. At present day, male live dealers are seen wearing smart suits, white shirts, and bowties. They do not need to wear the suit blazer but instead opts for a waistcoat to have greater comfort while assisting the players.

You will also find them wear the traditional green visor too. Meanwhile, the female live croupiers wear blouses, bowties, and waistcoats, or may opt for black evening dresses for special events or high-end casinos. In rare sights, you will see the female croupiers’ glam themselves from head to toe in luxury and style at elite casinos.

By dressing in formal wear in a live game, croupiers are replicating elements of a land-based casino to try and help capture some of the atmosphere and spirit players know so well and return to, time after time.


Name : Know the most popular dress codes of Casino Croupiers
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 23/09/2019