The Impact Of Online Gambling Over The Past 10 Years

The Impact Of Online Gambling Over The Past 10 Years

There is absolutely no doubt that online gambling is riding on a wave of popularity to the top and has grown from a niche activity into the main form of entertainment globally. A good indication of this can be gleaned from research conducted by H2 Gambling Capital, which revealed a 147% growth rate in global gambling online revenues from 2009 to 2018.

A question that bears asking is exactly what impact gambling online over the past 10 years had on our collective lives. Do read on for the answers to this and other questions.

The Impact Of Online Gambling Over The Past 10 Years

Online Gambling Is Changing The World

Gambling on the net has recorded very impressive growth over the past decade or so. Here are ways this has impacted on our world:

  • Increasing Availability of Games

Online gambling owes its rise to the dynamic pace of technology. As technology advanced, gambling became accessible to an increasing range of individuals all over the planet. With the increasing availability of gambling online, more and more women are gambling online, as well as young folks.

  • Sweeter Graphics

Varied technological advances have made it easier to create the most eye-catching gambling software. Some of these make use of 3D graphics, which tend to look more real. HTML5, for example, is currently being used by a growing percentage of software providers, with this enabling the creation of games that independently adjusts itself to make the best use of the screen it is being played on. HTML5 games do not need to be downloaded, supports a large majority of browsers and enable the creation of the most exciting games that are packed chock-full with features.

  • The Creation Of Live Casino Games

One truly wondrous impact of internet gambling over the last few years has been the enabling of live casino games. Such casino games feature live dealers, supports multimedia chat and are currently revolutionising the online gambling sector. With such games in place, gamblers no longer need to visit an actual casino to play casino games, with this being incredibly convenient. VR reality is also increasingly showing up in the online gambling sector. There are currently VR headsets that when worn accurately mimic the look, feel and sound of actual casinos and puts the player in the middle of the action so to speak. Such headsets deliver a definitely unforgettable experience.

  • The Booming Success Of Mobile Gaming

The technological advances mentioned earlier gave rise to the creation of high-speed mobile internet services. It also enabled the rise of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. As more and more people use their mobile devices, the number of mobile gamblers has massively risen, with online casinos scrambling to provide mobile-optimised games to their mobile users.

  • Financial Matters

A notable impact of gambling on the net can be seen in the increasing use of blockchain technology for managing online casino operations. Such technology promotes trust between online casino operators and their clientele, enables faster and smoother online casino operations and are the way forward. The adoption of blockchain technology for online casino operations has also made it possible for online casinos to permit the use of cryptocurrencies for all sorts of financial transactions. These days, more than a few online casinos support the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, which has lots of advantages over traditional currency options.

  • Regulation Matters

As online gambling is becoming more popular, lots of countries are moving to regulate and tax it. This includes countries that formerly banned it, which now rightly see online gambling as a good way of boosting state revenue through direct and indirect taxation.

  • The Rise Of Problem Gambling

Over the last few years, online gambling has had an undesirable impact- boosting the ranks of problem gamblers. As such, more than a few countries are currently engaged in putting in place measures that will both prevent gambling addiction and thin out the ranks of those who are currently addicted to the practice. Online casinos themselves help out by enabling the practice of what is known as self-exclusion. This is an effective strategy that can be easily implemented by problem gamblers. The self-exclusion when setting up bars the problem gambler from one or more online casinos for a predetermined period of time or permanently. Its use is growing, as is its effectiveness.

  • Social Media Integration

Online gambling is being increasingly integrated into social media platforms and is influencing user behaviour. These days, online gamblers can interact with friends and acquaintances on sites like Facebook, while playing a varied array of best online games on their mobile or PC.


The past decade or so has seen the rise of online gambling. It has a lot of impact on the world and grown to become the most profitable form of gambling known to man.


Name : The Impact Of Online Gambling Over The Past 10 Years
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 25/07/2019