Tipping Etiquette at Live Casinos 362

Tipping Etiquette at Live Casinos

The tipping etiquette is quite common and considered important in the land-based casinos operating in and around the world. However, it differs from one country to another depending on the country where you are playing the games from.

Well, you may be following certain etiquettes while playing at the casino like thanking the valet for parking your car, a cocktail waitress who brings your drinks or a slot machine attendant who places your bets via the internet. Before you resume playing the various live casino games, it is of utmost importance that you understand the tipping etiquettes in a live casino. And so, we, at Casino Live Offers, offer you with all the necessary etiquette guidance you need to follow while you are playing the live casino games in the best live casinos.

Tipping Etiquette at Live Casinos

To Tip or not to Tip is the Question

Playing online offers you with a plethora of benefits like you need have to dress up, shave, fix your hair and travel as the computer screen does not care about the looks and the dressing style of the players.

Well, if you are playing an instant game and if you won big, you won’t be expected to tip or thank the computer for your victory. But when you join a dedicated table hosted by a live dealer you are now facing a living and breathing person delivering the service to you. Since you are physically in different locations, the possibility of tipping them might not have occurred to you, and indeed for some time, it wasn’t even possible. But of course, with time and technology this surely is changing, thus presenting online players with a dilemma: to tip or not to tip.

It is obvious that When you receive a service in a land-based casino, it is customary to tip the individual delivering the services to you, provided you are happy with the quality of service offered to you. Remember the fact that the person who is delivering the services to you should be offered a tip even when he is more than a meter away from you. It should not make any difference.

How to Tip?

When playing in a live casino which offers the tipping option, you will see a ‘Tip’ button which indicates whether you’re happy with the services offered by the live dealer during the game. This function has been included by several major live gaming developers, such as Ezugi and Playtech, and there is no doubt that the other gaming providers will eventually follow in future.

How much to Tip?

In land-based casinos, there are no rules for tipping, though there is a tipping etiquette, giving you an indication as to what is expected from your side. In the US, for example, it is customary to tip your dealer with 15-20% of the value of your buy-in chips, while in the UK one should plan to spend 10-15% of their gambling budget on tipping the person who deals them in. While in the online world such indicators don’t exist as of now. You could use land-based practice as a guideline. There are no rules, though, but by tipping your game host, he will definitely appreciate the fact that you have shown your gratitude no matter how small the tip is.


Name : Tipping Etiquette at Live Casinos
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 17/02/2019