What Is It Like To Be A Professional Live Casino Dealer?

What Is It Like To Be A Professional Live Casino Dealer?

Ever wondered how it would feel to play all sorts of casino games every day of the week and to never lose even one? Ever thought about spending most days inside a lush casino and engaging in a mesmerising range of live table games?

Well, such is the life of the professional live casino dealer. These game dealers live a charmed life and seen to have it all. Here is an expose on them that will be quite revealing, especially to those looking for live casino and croupier jobs or casino jobs.

What Is It Like To Be A Professional Live Casino Dealer?

Inside the world of the live casino dealer

A professional live casino and croupier can quite often be seen within an actual casino or online casino. It turns out that being a professional live casino dealer requires more than fast hands and a pretty face. There are other attributes that a professional live casino dealer must possess in order to make it in his/her chosen field. These attributes are as follows:

  • Polite and friendly

No one likes a grumpy dealer. All professional live casino dealers, therefore, practice politeness like it is an art and know how to make people feel at ease.

  • Dedicated and entertaining

Dealers and croupiers need to be dedicated to their job. They are also required to be witty and ardent conversationalists. These serve to keep their clientele entertained and ensures that a good time is had by all.

  • Focus

 Being a dealer calls for an inhuman amount of focus. This focus must be maintained for hours regardless of the fact that there are lots of distractions. Without such a focus, mistakes and lots of them are assured.

  • Sociable

An introvert is incapable of working at croupier jobs and for good reason.

  • Multitasking expert

The dealer is required to be a multitasking expert. He/she must keep gameplay humming along nicely, know who is betting what, deal the cards perfectly, make entertaining conversation and all without breaking into a sweat.

Types of croupiers

Croupiers differ according to the casino game they are most familiar with and work with. So, there are Blackjack croupiers, Baccarat croupiers, Roulette croupiers and the like.

However, most live casino and croupier can competently work on multiple games, which is why they are sometimes referred to as a gaming dealer or table games dealer.

Live dealers

The live dealers are found at best online casino and host a variety of live dealer games. These types of dealers are mostly chosen for their attractiveness, as the gaming software takes care of all the complex calculations that are often necessary before payouts can be made.

Cruise Ship dealers

These sort of dealers are found on the floating hotels called cruise ships. In such a position they can travel widely and see the world while being exposed to a wide array of cultures. Such croupiers are among the best paid in the industry too.

Pros of being a dealer

  • Experience not needed before starting
  • Lots of tips that can boost pay
  • Performance and popularity determine wages
  • Very flexible working hours
  • A very entertaining work environment

Cons of being a dealer

  • Starting wages might be low
  • Lengthy training period
  • Licensing is required
  • Perfect focus is a must
  • Gambling problems might arise
  • Unhappy clientele can get abusive or aggressive


Being a professional live casino and croupier might appear to be a walk in the park, but is actually among the most stressful jobs there is. Still, it can be immensely rewarding if played smartly and makes it possible for folks to fulfil their gaming thrills.


Name : What Is It Like To Be A Professional Live Casino Dealer?
Author : Alexis Gibson
Published Date : 04/07/2019