Answers to the questions you might look for!

The most common Bonus and Freespins FAQs related to online casinos are discussed below.

  • Casino Bonus – What’s it?

Online casinos in a bid to lure customers to offer money to players which are added to their accounts and can be used for wagering. Casinos use this as a technique to attract new customers as well as to retain returning ones.

  • What are the types of casino bonuses?

Answers to the questions you might look for!

Online casinos offer promotional bonuses in the form of –

  • Cash deposit bonuses – where a percentage of players’ deposit amount is added to their accounts
  • Cashback – Live Dealer games usually offer bonuses in the form of cashback in which a percentage of loss is returned to the player’s account.
  • Free spins – commonly available for wheel games such as Roulette where the player gets a certain number of free spins of the wheel.
  • What deposit bonuses are offered?

  • Welcome or Sign-up bonuses – These are bonuses which get added to the players’ portfolio when he or she registers on a live casino.
  • Loyalty bonuses – The casinos use this to encourage more gameplay, by providing bonuses for returning users.
  • Free money bonuses without deposits – A player can play certain games without depositing any money instead of getting a modest amount in their account to play games. They are usually offered on new registrations.
  • What is a cashback?

Most of the live casino bonuses come in the form of cashback, where a certain percentage of a player’s losses are returned to his/her account.

  • What are free spins?

It is related to wheel games, where players are allowed a fixed number of spins of the wheels without having to deposit money.

  • How can I use the free spin bonuses?

As other bonuses, free spins can be used by entering the bonus codes during the transaction.

  • Are free spins advantageous?

Yes. Players can win money without having to risk their own cash.

  • Can I use free spins with any games?

No. Free Spins are available for specific games only such as slot and wheel games.

  • Are free spins bonuses transferrable?

No. They have to be played on offer.

  • How does one get to withdraw bonuses?

Bonuses usually can be withdrawn after a fixed number of wagerings, when the cash and the bonus amount are merged in the player’s account.

  • Where do I get to know about bonuses on offer?

Usually, every live casino has a separate rewards/bonus section, which displays the currently available bonus offers.

  • Are bonuses available on mobile devices?

Yes. All kinds of bonuses available on different devices including mobiles.

  • How does one determine the best bonus for them?

Players can sift through the Terms and Conditions of the bonus offers and choose the one that suits them best.

  • Are there limits on bonus cashouts?

Yes. Casinos have caps on the maximum amount one can win using the bonus or free spins.

  • What are wagering requirements?

It is the minimum number of times a player has to wager to be eligible for merging of bonus winnings to his/her account.